At Meneely Show Horses, Ltd. we specialize in creating the "All-Around" horse and rider. Our riders and horses have won over 450 World and National Championships in the horse arena as well as many personal victories! Our Vision is  to see your equestrian goals come true! Our mission is to set up a well designed program that works with you and your lifestyle. 

Rob began showing as a youth in Harrisburg, PA. and never looked back.  His passion for the sport of riding and his commitment to excellence has created  one of the top training facilities in the horse industry today. His dedication to creating the best horses, riders, and teams show up in the form of trophies, awards, and sheer enjoyment of the equine industry.   Rob has trained with some of the best coaches in the world today such as George Morris (USET coach), Lee Troup, Gil Galyean, and Sandy Vaughn.  Rob was awarded Trainer of the Year from the Appaloosa Horse Club in 1998 and he and his wife Mary Meneely were awarded the George Hatley National Equine Award. Rob has won numerous World and National Championships, and continues to train, show and catch ride the best horses in the country.  He has shown a slew of outstanding  horses such as, The Racketeer, Decorated By Mito, Zips Dark Chocolate, Leading Legend, GPF Legal Version, IMA Krystal Pistol, All Hands On Zip, Stinger's 9 to 5, Escape Only, and many more...   His riders and horses are always well prepared. He goes beyond the call of duty to produce and be the best he can possible be!
Dawn Lovern
Rob as a youth
Rob Meneely showing customer horses!
Michael, Mary, and Ryan Meneely
Rob Meneely

Mary Meneely grew up in Seattle, Washington showing in 4-H, Pony Clubs of America, the breed show circuit, and three day eventing. Mary attended the University of Washington and during her time in college began coaching.  As a youth competitor, Mary had the pleasure of training with Tammy Masters (USET), Ruth Weisiger, and later with  Sue Cumming Schultz! Mary's passion is coaching! Her love for coaching inspires her riders to be the best they can be! Mary  uses the horse as a vehicle to look into ones' life, to make a profound, positive difference in all those with whom she meets.  Mary like Rob is a World and National Champion rider, however currently she specializes in coaching ~ "It is so inspiring and quite an honor in being a part of seeing our riders dreams, goals, and aspirations come true." 
~ Mary Meneely


Family yes, barn manager like no other you betcha'!  Dawn prevails from Indiana with a degree in Equine Science and has been a part of Meneely Show Horses, Ltd. for well over 14h years.  She manages the barn, rides, trains, coaches, and shows!  Dawn is very dedicated to our customers and the care of the horses. She is truly amazing and the best of the best!

More to come!

Meneely Show Horses, Ltd.  has two decades of  successfully seeing dreams fulfilled. Whether you aspire to be a World Champion or learning the sport of riding for fun, we have a program for you!
And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse. ~
Bedouin legend
I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted. ~ Anonymous

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